About Us

Orinway Solutions is a software development company with overseas branches (Australia and the United Kingdom). Orinway Solution supports all phases of the application development lifecycle, from application vision and strategy through design, build and testing, and integration to operations. This comprehensive industrialised delivery model with a factory approach, delivers a cost-effective, end-to-end solution that will drive results and strengthen your business. Targeting both the Traditional platforms and next generation technologies, our development capability will take your applications to market faster. We help turn ideas that people are passionate about, into products that people love. We’re biased, but we’ve worked with some great companies to create things we’re really proud of, and we’d love to include you in that growing list.

Our Team

Ranganath Karunadasa
Managing Director
Priyanthi Jayaweera
Chief Operations Officer
Suraj Kahandage
Managing Partner
Supun Sandeeptha
Chief Technical Officer
Ridmi Jayasena
Project Manager
Imalka Hewage
Systems Engineer
Wenushka Mallikarachchi
Lead Developer
Dulitha Iddawala
UI / UX Engineer
Ravindu Sandaruwan
Associate Software Engineer
Wehan Withana
Intern - Software Engineer
Suvetha Suvendran
Intern - Software Engineer
Adshayan Balachandran
Intern - Software Engineer